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Inside my head- November: Divorce, Kids and life now

let me just start real quick by saying in these blogs you will find : Polymerclay tips, Discount codes and of course me over sharing my life 🤦🏻‍♀️

My name is Sarah, I’m 25 and I have two toddlers, Alyssa and Zayn and I fucking love them. 

my full time job right now is making earrings and illustrations from home. 

I got divorced this year and I’m still coming to terms with it all. It’s still fucking hard to accept that I’m no longer 1 half of a whole but I’m learning to accept it everyday. 

I got Married young, 19 and we were married for 5-6 years, he was and in a lot of ways still is, my best friend, so I think that’s what I struggle with most. Losing a friend that was part of me for so long. 

i don’t have many friends and i allowed myself to get close to someone, (likel you do in marriage) only for it to not workout..

it’s hard to go from having someone in the house, or knowing they’ll be home at 5pm, to the house being empty.

I think that is why I have been able to give so much to my business so quickly and do really well really quick, the odd woman was born out of necessity,

I NEEDED something that could make me feel whole. I needed something that could take me away from the pain and bring happiness into my life.. so The Odd Woman was born 💞 

I guess I held off on divorce for so long because I was scared it would fuck my kids up not seeing their dad everyday but I realised lots of kids with married parents, still don’t see their dad everyday due to work, travel or whatever.. the point is, the perfect image of a family I had in my head can go get fucked! 
I’m everything my kid’s will ever need and anything else is just more love for them 

i done something I didn’t think I’d ever do, I chose to be * alone * and happy, instead of staying in a loveless, toxic marriage. 

and I’m just really fucking proud of myself

when I think of the type of Mum I want to be for my kids or the type of Woman I’d want my daughter to be, I know I definitely done the right thing 💞


anyway I’m sorry for the negative vibes.. I just had to get it out 〰️ Stock update will be: 9th of November. Discount code: ‘ earringlover ‘ 




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  • What a beautiful, honest piece! Society tells us that we are only whole when we have a partner by our side… I’d say that we are fully and completely whole, all by ourselves and that a partner is there to support us through our own journey! Even when someone is no longer by our side, it is only healthy that we should be given the space to grieve and acknowledge the loss, while keeping in mind that we are not any less of a whole, complete and AMAZING human! Stay strong and empowered! Women are the strongest people on this planet and nobody can tell us otherwise 👏👏👏


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